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warehouse automation
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Innovations for the logistics industry
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Automated data capture and inventory turnover are two of the four main warehouse automation challenges.

On average retail inventory is accurate only 63% of the time

Optimization through intelligent innovation.

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From sophisticated hardware systems
to diverse and flexible software


From tough loading to smart planning

  • Easy to implement – only 2 minutes for installation
  • No hardware attachments
  • Use where you need it - not tied to one location
  • Multi-purpose solution -not only measurement

Why ClickLog?

We create solutions that we have been missing during our own logistics journey

Meet the team

Meet the tea<span>m</span>

ClickLog isn't just about IT and software. Our multi-cultural team is a combination of transportation sector professionals, software engineers, and data scientists. We aspire to improve our knowledge, not only selling the products we develop. We're constantly investigating how the industry works from inside so we can offer something unique. Something that's affordable, scalable, and solves real pain points.

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Our vision is to create a real warehouse digital twin through the solutions we providing and developing. We know exactly that logistics might be more efficient without extra investments that “break the bank”.

We are open to discuss your pains and to prove our solutions in action

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