Perfect fit for every shipment with ClickLog
Plan multiple cargo loads in just a few clicks

We are trusted by

TL Nika Transport Group
Spark Logistics company
FM Logistic
Logagile software provider
Wroclaw Aircargo Terminal
Who is our product for?
Freight forwarders and carriers
  • Truck and container load calculator
  • Axle loading feature for trucks
  • Check LDM calculations in real time
Distributors and manufacturers
  • Palletizing feature to build shipments properly
  • Simultaneous shipment distribution between several containers and trucks
  • Multi-condition truck and container loading
Logistics and warehouse software providers
  • API to integrate ClickLog into an existing system
  • Container and truck loading calculator that works fast and smart
  • Additional value for users

A complete solution for optimal cargo planning

This is a complete solution for managing the arrangement of loads in a truck, and containers or on a pallet. ClickLog offers a solution that allows you to get the optimal load distribution plan in a few minutes.

ClickLog includes 3D visualization tools that allow you to conveniently manage all cargo parameters and layout, considering delivery planning.
3D Loading calculator view
Made by logisticians to eliminate routine tasks
Use on any computer
Simple and clear interface
Just launch and use
Load Optimization Algorithm
No manual work required
3D Vizualization
Adjust cargo placement in just a few clicks
What our clients say
Let's have a short call!
You will get free access to the whole system so you can test all the features we have.
Free access
We will guide you through the typical user journey. We will also show you some tips and tricks with our tool
We can make a demo based on your specific needs and won't overload you with the whole feature list (it is really huge)
Adjusted to your needs
Call benefits

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