Optimal cargo space planning

Find out how to best arrange loads on a truck or pallet with our loading software solution.

How It Works

You can get the optimal cargo distribution results in a few clicks
Import lists of loads or create one from scratch
You can create a list of goods manually or use import to get a distribution report as quickly as possible
Select your fleet, container or pallet
Add your own fleet, pallets and boxes,` or choose from a standard predefined list
02 | FLEET
Add or import your shipments
Each shipment can be added manually, or use import to get the result as quickly as possible
03 | CARGO
Optimal distribution of cargo
The algorithm will calculate the optimal location of goods according to the specified parameters. Just get a report in one click to start loading. You can also change the location of the groups manually if necessary.
Each load can be moved around the visualization manually so you can get results that!
Get a loading plan
When you are happy with your loading plan, you can generate and print it.
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