No more headaches worrying about the best cargo loading option. Our automated cargo handler ensures that every square inch of your truck or container is effectively utilized.
Get your optimal cargo load distribution in just a few minutes.

Meet Us

ClickLog is a multinational team of transportation experts based in different continents of the world. Our expertise ranges from cargo transportation solutions to the development of solutions for the civil aviation industry.

As carriers who have dealt with the pain and stress of finding the best way to load cargo into trucks and containers, we came together to find a solution. We believed cargo handling and loading could be easier, and we used technology to make it so. 

Our Product Solution

Uses 3-D visualization and load optimization algorithms to calculate and display the most efficient way to load your cargo…
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Keeping us awake at night

is helping carriers reduce the empty spaces they have to carry. Therefore, we talk with real people handling cargo daily to ensure our product meets real-time needs.

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