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The TL-Nika Use-Case

We created the ClickLog cargo loading software to bring a greater deal of efficiency and effectiveness to cargo planning and loading, and this is precisely what it has done for the TL-Nika group, an intercontinental cargo transportation company.
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Who is TL-Nika?
TL- Nika is a company that specializes in transporting cargo from European countries to Central Asian countries. The group has offices in Germany, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, and it transports cargo by road, rail, and air. Its transportation services are quite enormous, such that the group loads about 50 trucks every week.

ClickLog and TL- Nika
Due to their enormous workload, cargo distribution, and loading typically take TL-Nika a lot of time. However, the group recently adopted Clicklog's cargo loading optimization software to aid cargo planning, loading, and distribution. The results of this have been spectacular, with TL-Nika spending 20% less time planning their cargo distribution. This means that if Cargo distribution typically took 60 minutes, with ClickLog, it now takes 48 minutes.

How has Clicklog improved TL-Nika's process?
  • ClickLog has helped TL-Nika efficiently utilize cargo loading space, ensuring that cargo is arranged in a way that no inch of space is wasted.
  • ClickLog has helped TL-Nika save time in cargo loading and distribution (20% less time).
  • ClickLog has helped to optimize TL-Nika's cargo flow, ensuring that they experience fewer hassles.
How does Clicklog do these? Features of the software
TL- Nika enjoys all of the above thanks to ClickLog's cargo distribution algorithm and 3-D visualization tools that help create a clear and practical loading plan for all TL-Nika's cargo loads.

All TL-Nika needs to do is enter details of their shipment and containers, then the algorithm creates an optimal loading plan that is presented with explicit visualization tools.

See full details of how the software works here.

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