From Version 3.2 to 3.5:
All The Changes in Clicklog's Latest Software Upgrade

We are delighted to announce the latest version of the ClickLog software - version 3.5. This new version is fitted with so many exciting new features and an algorithm upgrade that will improve the effectiveness and speed of the platform by about 15%. Below, we give a list of the changes and upgrades made and what you can expect to get from ClickLog version 3.5.

Over 15 Exciting New Updates

  1. New Designs for Personal Accounts.
We have redesigned the personal account interface to grant a more seamless user experience.

  1. Algorithm Adjustments
We have made some changes to the algorithm to ensure that the platform is more efficient. Some things to note about the updates on the algorithm include:
●     It is 15% faster than version 3.2 as a result of performance optimization
●     The logic for stacking goods has been improved upon
●     The algorithm now takes the unloading order into account. This new update allows you to use reverse logic-loading. It is perfect for use when a vehicle is going to be loaded at several locations and unloaded at one warehouse.

  1. Additions to vehicle list.
You now have more presets to choose from as we have expanded the list of vehicles available on the platform. The new vehicles that have been added under the different transport modes include:
●     Road transportation: MEGA trailer, Road Train, and Several Types of Vans
●     Railway transportation: containers (20/40 feet containers) and covered railway wagon
●     Air transportation: ULD, which are units used in air cargo.

  1. New Features on the Cargo List.
The cargo list has some exciting new features. They are:
●     Imperial measurement system ( the measurement system used in the United States). This means that you can now use metric and imperial measurement systems when cargo planning.
●     Irregular shapes file uploader: This allows you to work with a cargo of any shape. This feature is especially useful for companies that work with oversized cargo.
●     Custom text notes: You can now add custom notes for each shipment on the cargo list.
●     Dangerous goods handling feature: This feature allows you to select a UN code for dangerous goods. This code enables the system to mark them specially and implement IATA rules for their handling.
  1. New Loading Plan Features
The loading plans have also received exciting upgrades of their own. Some of the upgrades are:
●     Users can now choose from multiple loading plan options, namely: Basic-overview, Shipments, and Step-by-step.
a.    Basic overview: Here, a couple of screenshots give users an overview of the whole logic of loading
b.   Shipments: Here, the system separates the cargo in the files by shipment. This is a perfect fit for shipments that primarily consist of pallets.
c.    Step-by-Step: This is the most detailed option. It allows users to see the spot each box will be placed. . It is the best option for complicated shipments that consist of different cargo
●     Photo Mode: There is now a photo mode where you can shoot a photo of your loading plan from any possible position, and the system will automatically add this information and the picture to the load.
●     Link to 3D Model: A link to a 3D model of the loading plan can now be shared with colleagues and teammates for their perusal.
●     Comment Section: The loading plan now has a comment section feature where you and your teammates can discuss strategy and activities.

Other general but significant upgrades

  1. Bug fixes that ensure a seamless experience for you and help deal with glitches in the software.
  2. Improved software productivity, ensuring that ClickLog now requires fewer browser capacities.
  3. Improved physics of objects to ensure that they move seamlessly.

Additional Announcement: Get Started Today To Enjoy Upgrades For Free
We are also excited to announce that the following upgrades and features will be FREELY available to all users, irrespective of subscription type, from now till February 2023:

●     Dangerous good handling feature
●     The imperial system of measurement
●     The irregular shapes file uploader which enables you to work with a cargo of any shape or form.
●     Link to a 3D model of the loading plan
●     Photo Mode of loading plan

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