Clicklog Completes Pilot Project with FM Logistics in Warsaw, Poland

We are excited to announce that we have completed a major pilot project with FM Logistics using our logistic solution, ClickSize.
ClickSize is an automated measuring solution that helps cargo handlers measure cartons automatically. The solution makes use of a 3D camera and image analysis to automate the measuring process.

FM logistics is a logistics company with a presence in over 14 countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The company launched the FM Open Lab initiative in 2020 for entrepreneurs who wish to develop their products or services for the supply chain in real-world business conditions.

ClickLog was selected for the program, and the opportunity to test the scalability and effectiveness of ClickSize with such a major brand proved valuable. The program provided insights that resulted in the development of over 20 new features and 3 versions of ClickSize. Following the entire process, ClickSize now meets the vast majority of requirements needed to compete and is ready for market entry, according to CEO and co-founder Kamil Karimov.

Alexandre Damie (FM Logistics' Director of Innovations in Central Europe) also made the following statements on ClickSize.

"We have been working with the Click Size system for over 3 months. Tests, preparation for implementation, and adaptation of the solution to our conditions and needs required some time and work, but the Click Log team coped with all the challenges and we are very pleased with the results. First of all, the quality of data entered into the WMS system has improved. We are currently working on an interface that transmits this information automatically"

It was a great pleasure to participate in this initiative and to continue our commitment to making cargo handling easier and more efficient.

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