Our Cargo Load Optimization Software: Here’s What Has Changed

We are excited to announce a new update of Clicklog's cargo load optimization software. The update will be released this week, and we are calling it version 3.2. With its latest updates, this new version "3.2" demonstrates our commitment to delivering real-time solutions with our product.

Nine Juicy Updates In Version 3.2
A New Color Theme
We have changed the primary color of the product’s interface to White. We are certain this will help provide a more comfortable and enjoyable experience while you use and navigate the product.

More Loading Plan Options
Our loading plan option has been expanded to allow you to choose from multiple loading plan options. We added two more options to the one initially there. The three options available now are:
  • The Detailed Plan; contains arrangements for each item
  • The Shipment Plan; items are grouped according to shipment and unloading order
  • The Overview: contains two screenshots of the loading plan from two different angles

Shareable Loading Plan
Yes, with a simple generated link, you can now share your loading plan with your colleagues and partners. You generate this link after you have completed your loading plan, and it will lead to a separate page in our system with the truck loaded. Your colleagues will be able to rotate this truck, zooming in and out, to make sure they know how to load the ship optimally. We also ensure that this link doesn’t give access to sensitive data and doesn’t allow someone with the link to edit your plan.

Easier Navigation for Group Items
You can now use the “Ctrl” key + “right button of the mouse” to pick several objects and to move all of them together. This saves time selecting items one after the other.

Cylindrical Items Option
Cylindrical items are now available for use. Activate the feature either in the cargo list or ask us how to add a specific column to the CSV file to download it automatically.

Improved Loading Algorithm
We have updated the loading algorithm for tighter cargo loading to ensure that every square inch of space is well utilized. We also made sure the speed and reaction time of the algorithm remained optimal.

Axle Load Feature in Beta
You can now calculate the weight for each axle on your truck with our cargo load optimization software. This feature is only available in beta for now.

Fixed Bugs
We worked on a few complaints about bugs from our product managers and customers. Now, we can say that all the bug problems noticed have been fixed. We also optimized the entire system for improved speed and efficiency.

New Types of Trucks
We have added two more types of trucks to our truck options. The trucks added are Mega and Train.
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