Expansion Update: Clicklog Goes to Poland

We are pleased to announce that our operations will be expanding to Poland. Clicklog was selected for the Poland Prize Program, which allows entrepreneurs to establish themselves within the country. As a result of our selection, we will be able to offer our unique cargo loading software to the logistics market in the nation.
Why Poland?

Our team is excited about the expansion to Poland because the nation has one of the biggest logistics and transportation markets in Europe and the biggest market in Central Europe. Currently, many analysts have mentioned the need for increased technological solutions in Poland’s logistic and transportation marketplaces for further economic growth.

We are convinced that our automated solution, especially with the new updates, will revolutionize the logistics market in Poland- cutting down cargo handling time and guaranteeing optimal space utilization.

Where Will We Be Based?

Our office will be operating out of Wroclaw City, located in Western Poland. The city is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the nation. Already, we have started negotiations with certain companies in Poland while also completing a pilot project in Mszczonów city.

Partner with Us

We are looking for more Polish companies interested in revolutionizing their cargo handling and cargo planning process. So, let's talk if you are a Polish company and ready to rock.

Ready to give us a try?

Work for Us

The company is seeking a local sales representative. Do you have skills in sales or marketing? Is Poland your home? Are you interested in joining a team with a vibrant and fun culture? Get in touch with us at kk@clicklog.io.

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